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Expats miss Britain's countryside even more than its sense of humour

1st February 2012


The British countryside is the thing most expats miss about home - followed by the country's sense of humour and pubs, a new survey claims.

By Richard Alleyne

Those living in the desert landscape of the United Arab Emirates long for the British countryside more than those in any other country, with 85 per cent selecting it as one of the three things they miss the most.

The survey by Lloyds TSB International shows that across all countries of residence, nearly half – 46 per cent – of expats miss the British countryside.

Our sense of humour was the second most missed aspect of life in Britain, chosen by 42 per cent, while our pubs were third, having been selected by 41 per cent of the 1,034 expats that were surveyed.

Britons now living in Germany miss the British sense of humour the most – 65 per cent – followed by those in Canada – 60 per cent – and South Africa – 54 per cent – while our pubs are missed more in Australia than in any other country.

The least missed aspects of life in the UK are our politics and the weather, which both collected only five per cent of expats’ votes.

Although 21 per cent of émigrés to South Africa did say they miss our political system.

Despite these pangs for little parts of Britain, expats are generally happy in their new life overseas – 68 per cent said they are happier abroad, while only seven per cent said they had been happier in the UK.

“Often you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone so it speaks glowingly of our countryside that expats around the world miss it so much,” said Nicholas Boys Smith, Lloyds TSB International.

“Many expats have an element of the adventurer about them, but they still long for certain aspects of British life that some people here might take for granted."

Source:   Telegraph January 2012